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Yue (Tim) PAN

Title A multi-modality physical-energy therapy innovation. Its mechanism and clinical application on healing and rehabilitation.
Authors Yue (Tim) PAN
Abstract Modern physical-energy therapy technologies have been utilized worldwide and clinically applied as complementary or standalone treatment for decades. A large amount of research has been conducted and published in this field so far. These therapies differ in modality, energy form, device form and end effects. E.g., It is believed that high potential electro-therapy is effective in enhancing human cell membrane potential and thus the cell vitality. PEMF therapies are believed to accelerate micro substance exchange and subsequently trigger a self-healing process. Other common energy therapy methods include far-infrared, thermal, ion therapy and many more. Instead of applying them individually for healing, VIGO/energy5 has pursued an innovative path. After years of research and preparation, VIGO/energy5 successfully integrated 5 selected modalities of modern physical-energy therapies onto one simultaneous applicator. Technological difficulties had been resolved before the materialization of the end device. Clinical tests have been conducted and very positive data obtained, with countless user case studies also collected, which yielded hugely encouraging results, matching and exceeding our initial expectations. Being applied for medical healing around the world, the device has shown a tremendous potential in the professional rehabilitation field. We will share our ongoing results, mechanism and application angles in detail.