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Feng-Li Lian

Title Emerging Technology of Cyber-Physical Systems and Human-Machine Interaction for Healthcare and Medical Assistive Applications
Authors Feng-Li Lian
Abstract Cyber-physical systems are an integration of computation, communication, and control between the cyber world and the physical processes. The simulated processes are modeled and computed by computers with the cyber world and real-time control commands and decisions are sent to proper physical devices and/or human agents through communication networks. The feedback loop to transmit the right information to proper locations just in time and to generate human-friendly interaction between patients and machines are the key for guaranteeing the performance of overall healthcare assistive applications. In this talk, we will address the key ingredients of cyber-physical systems (CPS) and human-machine interaction (HMI) and present several emerging technologies of robotic machining and autonomous driving, including robotic manipulations for complex machining tasks, upper/lower-limb rehabilitation, multi-functional testbed for bedridden healthcare, robotic tactile sensing system.