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Professor Luc de Witte

Title Emerging Technologies and their potential for the AT field; a review of the literature and recent patent applications.
Authors Professor Luc de Witte
Abstract The need for AT is huge and increasing. According to the WHO only about 10% of the around 1 billion persons why might benefit from AT have access to it. This is both an enormous challenge and an opportunity. The current speed at which technology is developing holds great potential to develop new assistive products for a growing market. But what are the most promising areas? And what can be expected in the near future? These are the questions addressed in this presentation. I will present the results of a broad review of the 'grey' literature about technology development, trying to identify the most important emerging enabling technologies, and a systematic search in the patent literature looking for patenting activity in the field of AT, specifically looking for applications of the emerging enabling technologies identified. The results show an impressive potential of new products building on rapidly developing technology areas, with thousands of patents being filed every year. The results also suggest that the possible applications of the emerging enabling technologies for AT have not yet been explored to their full potential. Much more is possible, but an important question that arises from the results is whether these new developments are the right answer to the huge need for AT.